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3 Ways to Prevent Single Strand Knots | Elemo hair

3 Ways to Prevent Single Strand Knots | Elemo hair

Single strand knots (also known as SSKs) is something that every curly girl knows about, and has probably experienced a fair few during some point of her hair journey.

A single strand knot is just what it sounds like: it’s when the end of one strand wraps around itself and forms a knot. Although there isn’t a sure fire way to completely rid yourself of these knots, there are a few things you can do to make them appear less. Here are three ways to prevent single strand knots:

Limit Wash n Gos

When I first cut off the remainder of my relaxed ends, I switched from wearing a lot of buns to rocking a wash n go almost everyday. When I really started examining my ends afterwards, I noticed a ton of single strand knots. These knots can appear from wash n gos, because our kinks and coils shrink and wrap around themselves. Instead of wearing wash n gos, maybe opt for styles like twist outs and braid outs. You can also try protective styling. By choosing styles like these, your ends have less of chance of knotting.

Seal Ends with Oil

Our ends are the oldest part of our hair and are the most susceptible to damage. It’s important to constantly keep them moisturized and sealed. Using oils* are great because they can help our ends slip past each other instead of knotting or tangling. A good way to consistently keep your ends from knotting is to moisturize and seal ends daily or at least every other day. Simply rub your favorite oil through your hands and apply, concentrating on your ends.

Trim Consistently

A lot of us may dread trimming our hair, but it’s simply a necessary evil. It’s pointless to sacrifice health for length, because those ‘long’ ends can be piecey or full of single strand knots. Instead of waiting forever between trims, come up with a trimming regimen that works for you. Also, if you find a few stray knots here and there, grab a pair of shears (specifically for HAIR), and snip them out. That way you won’t have to worry about frequent tangles in your hair, or ugly knots.

Like I said above, there is no sure way to get rid of single strand knots forever, especially if you have a kinky* or coily hair texture, but you can minimize them and avoid damage in the long run.

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