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3 Ways To Style Straight-Back, Large Cornrows | Elemo hair

3 Ways To Style Straight-Back, Large Cornrows | Elemo hair

Bold, inventive, expressive braids are trending for 2022! The braids we’re focusing on in this post? Large cornrows. This style is distinctive and full of grace. There are multiple ways to do straight-back large cornrows. Here, you’ll learn how to use your natural hair, extensions as well as accessories to make three distinct straight-back styles.

Simplicity Is Key
Let’s start with the most natural mode: cornrows from natural hair.
This wide-set style is frequently done with three to nine rows across the whole head. The end result is a sleek look that is loved for its protective quality and versatility. At home, on a date, or a big event, you’ll feel content and beautiful in this simple style.

To Greater Heights
Next up, we’re going bolder! Create a lush look by styling straight-back cornrows with extensions or braiding hair. Sometimes called Ghana braids.
Adding extensions to these cornrows creates raised braids for a fuller mode. While many people add braiding hair for a longer look, it’s not uncommon to cut these extensions for short and thick braids. Be radiant in this stacked style.

Accessorize Your Large Cornrows
Accessorize your cornrows to further refine your style. Incorporating accessories not only allows you to express yourself and your mood, but empowers you to style for specific events or occasions.
Use braid cuffs, rings, clips, spiral pins, beads as well as hair braiding strings to give your cornrows a vibrant look. Adorn your braids with fresh flowers, bottle caps or shells for an earthy mode.

How to cornrow your hair
If you’re new to cornrowing your hair, learn how by reading the directions below!

To cornrow natural hair:
Start with detangled, blow dried hair.
Section your hair into however many rows you like, and tie each row up to make it easier to focus on cornrowing one section at a time.
Apply edge control at this stage, if you like.
Begin to braid: create one section at the front of your row and separate it into three pieces. As you reach for a piece to continue the braid, use your thumb and index finger to grab a little more hair that isn’t currently part of a piece to make it part of that piece.
Continue to braid this way until the row is finished.

To cornrow natural hair with extensions or braiding hair:
Follow steps 1 through 3 above.
Prepare by separating the braiding hair into several pieces. You will want it separated into more pieces than the number of rows you have.
When you begin to braid, use the feed in method.
It can feel strange to braid in synthetic hair. Try not to overthink. Grab and feed in the braiding hair extensions as you are grabbing the next section of your own hair.
Add more braiding hair as needed for length or thickness, then finish the braid.


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