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5 Head Wrap Styles for Natural Hair | Elemohair

5 Head Wrap Styles for Natural Hair | Elemohair

Have you ever come across a photo on Instagram or a gorgeous stranger in a head wrap and wonder, how did she do that? Well, we’re here to help demystify those fabulous looks.

What Is an African Headwrap?
An African headwrap is a protective hairstyle that can be achieved by tying a scarf around the head. By analogy, the very scarves used for wrapping are called headwraps, too. African head wraps have been worn for centuries and are still important for African women as an ultimate cultural statement and celebration of heritage.

How to Tie a Head Wrap
Start with selecting a good head wrap and prepping your hair. A silk scarf will be gentler on your locks than a cotton one, as it won’t steal the moisture, which is precious for natural hair. However, it may be slippery and difficult to tie for beginners.

Silk scarf: Put a wig cap on before tying a wrap to avoid slippage. Making the wrap tights and tucking the ends will help to keep it in place, too.
Cotton scarf: Use a leave-in conditioner to help hair retain moisture. You may also braid or twist your hair and put a silk or satin cap on to minimize contact of the hair with the wrap.

#1: High Bun Headwrap
Want to add some height to your look the simple way? Just bring your hair into a bun close to your forehead, place the scarf around your head and cover your bun with it. Thus, coil the twisted headwrap around into a high bun at the front. This way to tie a headwrap is perfect for beginners, and intricate patterns are sure to breathe in life into your do.

#2: Tall Turban with Bangs
Style your next look with faux bangs with this easy-to-follow tutorial. A twist on a classic turban style, this look is sure to have you turning heads. Pro tip: use a bobby pin to get the preferred length for your bangs before styling your wrap.
#3: Faux Locks Headwrap
Sometimes, wearing your hair in faux locks or another protective style can get boring. African headwrap styles can spice up your look within minutes. Tie your lock high on the crown and secure a headwrap around it. Once the ends are tied at the front, coil the fabric into a sassy flower. Wear the same style in a new way by letting a few locks hang loose.
#4: Headband with Tied Flower
Edges not coming out the way you planned or you need to regrow them? Take a head wrap, place it at your neck and bring over your ears to the front. Make a half knot, twist the ends tightly, and coil them to create a beautiful flower. Perfect for wearing a head scarf in summer!
#5: Classic Scarf Bow
To add a little drama to your day, tie a headwrap the usual way, but finish it off with a large bow. This bold look will take any outfit to the next level with a few knots and a fluff. Use a bright scarf, and you’ll turn heads everywhere you go!
All of the above African head scarf tutorials will have you covered, no matter the season; you’ll never have a bad hair day again! Save our blog for look inspirations and even more head wrap styles!
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