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5 Ways to Get Hold Without Hairspray | Elemo Hair

5 Ways to Get Hold Without Hairspray | Elemo Hair

But like many curlies, sometimes I want an alternative to hairspray. Many curlies don't like the feel or the smell of hairsprays. Don't despair! When you are looking for non-hairspray options that give you the hold of hairspray, there are several good options. Here are some of my favorites.

1. Turn to Texturizing Spray
A texturizer spray won't give you the same hold as a high hold hairspray, but if you are looking for a lighter hold or just a way to set your style while adding some extra texture, this is the best answer without hairspray. This is a lightweight choice that will leave hair less weighed down than your typical hairspray while still giving you a little control.

2. Try Dry Shampoo
Another one of the best alternatives to hairspray is dry shampoo. This works because it removes excess oils which may keep hair closer to the scalp at the roots. By eliminating the extra oil, roots are given an instant boost similar to applying hairspray. With this method, just be careful not to overdo it since it can lead to dryness if used every day. And make sure you find one that works with your hair color.

3. Use a Sugar Spray
Another way to get an impressive hold without the hassle or crunch of hairspray is probably already in your pantry. Sugar cane extract has curl enhancing capabilities, as well as hold. When used directly on the scalp, it can also unclog pores and act as a clarifying treatment to exfoliate and promote hair growth. Sugar is known to give some hold without making hair too hard. It is also a really easy DIY approach that only requires two ingredients.

4. Use a little Shea Butter
Shea butter may be one of the most beloved ingredients for curly girls around the world. But one attribute that may not get as much attention is its ability to provide a decent amount of hold for your curls when used as a pomade to avoid the use of hairspray. Simply take some pure shea butter and rub in between your hands before applying to your hair. This will give some hold while also offering hydration for thirsty strands.

5. Pomade in heaven
Hair pomade is one of those styling products that many people are confused about. Contrary to popular belief, it's available in different holds, finishes, and textures. Pomades of the past were usually beeswax or petroleum based for heavy styling. Although newer editions may contain traces of both wax and petroleum, other additives create a smoother, lighter finish. To set your curls, rub a little pomade rubbed between the palms, pull your hair back like your making a ponytail or bun and than twist it. When you let it go, your curls should be more defined, and the pomade will add hold to keep them looking good throughout the day. If your hair does start to look frizzy, just redo the process.

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