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6 Stunning Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Elemo Hair

6 Stunning Holiday Hairstyles for Natural Hair | Elemo Hair

The holidays are right around the corner. With several holiday parties in your near future I’m sure one question on your mind is how will you wear your hair? Well don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with 15 Holiday hairstyles that are sure to turn heads!

1. Flexi Rods
A cute flexi rod set is a hairstyle that you can rock for any occasion. You can start on stretched hair or create this style on wet hair.

2. Twist Out
You can never go wrong with a trusty twist-out! Twist your hair up, let it dry (this is the most important step), and then rock your curls!

3. Halo Braid
You can never go wrong with a sleek halo braid. This is a pretty protective style that you can dress up or down. You can also add some hair jewelry to give your hair some flair!

4. Passion Twists
This protective style has swept the world of social media like hotcakes! Everyone is trying this style, and you should too! It’s a great style for any event!

5. Goddess Braids
Now I know you’ve heard of goddess locs but check out these super cute triangle part goddess braids. Opt for a protective style this season that will last you through from Thanksgiving through the New year!

6. Faux Locs Bob
Goddess locs have become a very popular protective hairstyle. This bob will be sure to have your family talking at the dinner table. If are thinking of locing your hair in the future and not ready to commit, try out faux locs.
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