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6 Tips To Care For High Porosity Hair In Humid Weather| Elemo Hair

6 Tips To Care For High Porosity Hair In Humid Weather| Elemo Hair

First, let’s get the big words out of the way. Porosity is derived from the word “pores” and is a measure of how easily fluid can pass through a material. High porosity hair has many pores through which water can pass.

Humidity is a measure of the number of dispersed moisture droplets in the atmosphere. On very hot days, such as during the summer season, tiny droplets of water are often suspended in the air in the process of evaporation.

By now it is an obvious fact that our hair needs as much moisture as it can get. It doesn’t just need to absorb moisture, it has to also retain it. This is where the problem lies with high porosity hair. It easily absorbs moisture in the atmosphere, but this moisture can just as easily slip through the many “holes” in the hair, especially on a hot humid day.

So if you have high porosity relaxed or natural hair, here are 6 ways to retain moisture during the long, humid summer.

The hair has an outer layer known as the cuticles that resemble roof shingles. In high porosity hair, these cuticles are raised allowing the free passage of moisture. A protein treatment works by temporarily filling up those gaps, thus facilitating moisture retention.

Sulfates strip the hair of its natural moisturizing oils thereby causing dryness. The next time you go to purchase shampoo, check the ingredients list to be sure it doesn’t contain sulfates.

The most effective way to moisturize your hair is the Liquid-Oil-Cream(LOC) method. First apply a water-based leave-in conditioner to your hair, apply a sealing oil next, then coat with a cream to lock in moisture.

A deep conditioner is much thicker than the regular conditioner and is left in the hair for a much longer time so that your hair can maximally absorb as much moisture as possible. Maintain a proper moisture-protein balance by alternating between water-based deep conditioners and protein deep conditioners.

The heat of summer already drains our hair of much-needed moisture. Using heat in our routine will further damage the cuticles of the hair resulting in more moisture loss and dry, frizzy hair. If you must use heat, be sure to apply a heat protectant* to minimize the effects.

Scarves and durags are an exciting way to switch up your hairstyle while keeping your strands protected. Head coverings come in a variety of colors and design patterns so you’ll never run out of options. Satin or silk scarves are preferable as there’s less friction between the hair and the scarf material.

Having high porosity hair isn’t the downside that most people think it is. It’s part of what makes your hair unique. Armed with this information and the right hair tools, you can give your high porosity hair the care it deserves in the heat and easily achieve your hair goals.

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