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A Hack To Use Cheap Conditioner As A Deep Conditioner | Elemo Hair

A Hack To Use Cheap Conditioner As A Deep Conditioner | Elemo Hair

The cost of hair products can add up to a considerable amount especially if you go for the more expensive brands. In an effort to maintain a sensible budget, let’s talk about how you can give your hair exactly what it needs without digging too deep into your pockets.

Whether you are natural or relaxed, deep conditioning is a vital step in your hair care regimen that you ought not to skip. This is particularly true if your hair is chemically treated since it needs some extra TLC. It is deep conditioning in particular that helps to repair the bonds of the hair so it can be healthy and thriving.

Start with an assessment of what your hair needs a constant supply of. If you know that you are working with damaged hair you need moisture boosting ingredients and conversely if your hair is weak then you know that you will need ingredients with protein. Defining your hair’s needs will help big time with informing what ingredients are important to your situation. The next thing to do is buy cheap conditioners, buying in bulk helps reduce prices even further.

Regular conditioner is designed to quickly replace the moisture that is stripped during shampooing to get the hair cuticles back in line. With that said, here are some ingredients to keep handy to use as additives to level up your regular conditioner to a deep conditioner.

Now, when you add honey to a conditioner it act like a humectant in your hair. This means that it pulls moisture from the atmosphere into your hair which will then boost sheen and moisture levels in your strands.

You can use plain Greek yogurt as the base for a homemade conditioner or add it to your rinse-out conditioner in order to get a good protein-based deep conditioning treatment. This will of course fill in gaps in your hair strands, increase it’s strength and ultimately increase moisture retention.

These oils are all penetrating oils. Learn more about the best oils to use in your hair. Adding any of these oils to your cheap conditioner will help boost moisture levels in your strands which improves elasticity and reduces breakage.

Consider using mayo in your conditioner or as a stand-alone when you want a light protein treatment. It helps repair bonds and the oil in the mayo increases softness so your hair will experience less breakage and styles will hold better.

Add mashed avocado to your conditioner to nourish your scalp and give you a moisture mask that will whip worn strands back into shape. Similar to the avocado oil*, plain ole mashed avocado will restore elasticity to your hair.

Shea butter is an all around a deep conditioning moisturizer which you can find in many store bought deep conditioners anyway, so why not add it to your rinse out conditioner yourself? It has beneficial fats that can help with slip to detangle your hair and also helps with sheen and manageability.

Yes many of these are natural ingredients that you may already have in your pantry. These particular ingredients have been picked out for their restorative properties that can help repair cells or aid in reenergizing the follicles or fill in gaps along the hair shaft to maintain the integrity of strands so they can retain moisture for longer periods of time. Of course this list is not exhaustive. If you find you have allergies to any of these then substitutions can be made that are more agreeable to you. You may feel free to add natural oils butters or essential oils that are beneficial to your hair and scalp.

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