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How to Use a Diffuser on Curly, Wavy and Straight Hair | Elemo hair

When using a diffuser, you are spreading the air over a wider space, which means you can dry your hair more gentlyWhen using a diffuser, you are spreading the air over a wider space, which means you can dry your hair more gently and without the hair moving around. This is why the correct way to diffuse curly hair can make your locks pop.

However, you can use a diffuser on wavy and straight hair, too. It’s all in the technique and products you use in your hair that will allow you to create a beautiful hairstyle. Read on to know them all!

How to Diffuse Curly Hair
How to blow dry curly hair and not make it look like a tumbleweed? This is a common challenge for curly girls, as smashing curls with the flow of air ruins the coils and makes hair frizzy. A diffuser is designed to fix this problem and provide you with just the right amount of hot air to dry, define, and enhance your ringlets.
Of course, what you put in your hair matters much too. Be sure to use Curly Girl approved products, avoiding ingredients like sulfates and alcohol. Apply the products on wet hair and be sure to get enough hydrating cream through your hair before you apply your gel.
Always set your temperature to a medium to cool heat not to disturb the natural shape of the bonds in the hair and you get maximum S shape and definition. Do not touch your hair until the hair is sealed and set with the product you applied prior to diffusing your hair.
When using a diffuser, you need to very slowly move the diffuser over your head with no touching of your hair. For the fastest drying time, always start at the roots or the top of the head. Another hack that I love is using pin curl clips to lift hair at the roots and get nice volume on top.

How to Diffuse Wavy Hair
Start with washing your hair and applying the hydrating cream and a styler, as girls with curly hair do. Thus, diffuse using a medium heat temperature as you want to encourage a little more of an S shape.
Tilting your head to one side and allowing the diffuser to cup your hair while you then bring it closer to your head will definitely help with this as well. A very gentle scrunch and hold while diffuse drying of your hair can work for locking in a soft bend in your wave.

How to Diffuse Straight Hair
Using a diffuser on straight hair will be a very gentle and natural air-drying result. The benefit of diffuse drying on straight hair is that it is going to protect your hair and allow it to fall in its most natural state.
If you want to create a shape in your straight hair, I suggest braiding or pin curling your hair with the support of a lightweight hair gel and using the technique suggested for diffusing curly hair. This will help you get wavy hair as an end result, but the rules for curly hair diffuse drying will be your best technique.
Medium to hot will nicely dry your hair and/or help to reshape the bonds in your hair to bend and create more volume.
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