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How To Wash Your Natural Hair Less Often And Retain More Length | Elemo Hair

How To Wash Your Natural Hair Less Often And Retain More Length | Elemo Hair

How can we wash our hair less often and retain more length? Its easy really, here are a few key regimen additives that can help you achieve maximum length retention and reduce your wash days from four per month to just one.

Retain The Moisture You Put In

This is easier said than done, essentially you want your hair to allow moisture in so that it is not dry but at the same time avoid the buildup trap. Normal porosity strands do just that and water can freely enter the hair allowing for about 30 percent absorption into the cortex which means hair will remain soft and resistant to breakage for longer between washes.

It’s not hard to imagine that high porosity hair would probably struggle with this regimen (which is why it may not be advisable for relaxed hair). Natural hair can be returned to normal porosity with a well maintained balance between moisture and protein. When the hair’s structure has been restored more moisture is able to be trapped in.

Use Less Product

For a great monthly wash regimen, wash day is everything! This is the time when you have the opportunity to use your favorite products and concoctions to prepare your hair for the month ahead so choose wisely and do not forget to deep condition. After wash day, you will suddenly become a minimalist, put all the products away and keep handy only a little something to keep your ends looking and feeling sharp.

Protective Style

This is a key point, because the less exposed your hair is to the environment and your manipulative hands the easier it will be to maintain your hair for the month. Find a style that suits you. For any style you might choose, try to keep the ends of your hair tucked away and protected so that you can maintain moisture levels not only in the crown of your head but at the very tips of your hair as well.

Avoid Tangles By Stretching Your Hair

One common denominator among monthly washers is stretched styling. Again the idea is to reduce tangles and avoid breakage but even better, one cool thing about our hair is that it is made to be self reliant in the sense that we naturally produce sebum that helps to hold moisture in our hair.

The problem with curly hair is that sometimes the sebum doesn’t quite make it to the ends of your hair leading to dryness. When your hair is stretched it makes things a whole lot easier as the sebum can travel down the strand with ease.

Stretching should start on wash day, using braids or twists which will help your hair to stay tangle free and allow it to naturally maintain its own moisture.

Maybe you are not much of an ‘updo’ kind of girl and you prefer your hair straight? No problem, you can actually use heat to retain length and wash sparingly. Stretching is not limited to just traditional non heat styles, especially if you prefer a sleeker look.

Protect At Night

I know bed time is sometimes about glamour and sexy, but honestly you are going to have to find a way to make your satin scarf less of a and more of a necessity. Covering your hair is an absolute must if you want to retain moisture over long periods of time. Investing in a satin pillow case couldn’t hurt either, the more opportunities your hair has to reduce moisture escaping, the better chance you will have at retaining length for the month.

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