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My Top 5 Go To Winter Styles | Elemo Hair

My Top 5 Go To Winter Styles | Elemo Hair

Whenever winter rolls around, I automatically want to hide my natural hair as much as possible, because on top of the usual moisture retention woes I work with throughout the previous seasons, I am combating dry, cold air, which makes keeping my hair moisturized that much more tedious. Check out some of my go-to winter hairstyles that help me keep my hair safe from the damaging effects of dry air:

1. Head Wraps
This is my favorite style, because not only does it keep your hair safe and sound, can cover up a failed hairstyle, and it also keeps your head warm too! Head wraps come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. If you’re not sure on what ways you can wear a head wrap, just do a quick YouTube search, and you’ll find a ton of tutorials!

2. Twists
During the Spring and Summer months, I love rocking twits outs. However, in the colder months, I still rock twist outs, but I just keep them twisted. This style gives your hair protection, without actually having to add any hair, or cover your hair up at all. Also, you can get creative, and style the twists in different ways.

3. Box Braids
This is an old style, that probably will never go out of style! Box braids can last for at least a month, and even longer with proper care. Depending on the size, they can take quite a few hours to install, but the results will be totally worth it. With box braids you should make sure that you are keeping your scalp oiled, to prevent flaking and dryness.

4. Crochet Braids
Crochet braids are a great winter style, because while your natural hair is braided back, you can find hair that is similar to the appearance of your natural hair.

5. Flat Twist Updo
To achieve this style, start on dried hair, and then flat twist hair into an upward motion. Depending on your hair length, you may want to add marley braiding hair. This style could be dressed up or dressed down. Meaning, that it works for many different occasions! It’s classy enough to wear to the company Christmas party, and then still rock it the next morning at the gym.

What are some styles that you are rocking this winter?
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