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Need a Trim? Here are 4 Ways to Trim Your Natural Hair | Elemo Hair

Need a Trim? Here are 4 Ways to Trim Your Natural Hair | Elemo Hair

When it comes to trimming or dusting the ends of your natural hair, things aren’t as complicated as they might seem.

Before you start trimming your natural hair, it’s important to know when it needs to be trimmed. The first clue is tangled hair that causes your fingers to get stuck while running your fingers through it. The second clue is see through ends. The third one is frizzy hair that won’t tame. And the fourth clue is an abundance of single strand knots. If you can identify at least one of these, then you are definitely in need of a trim.

Fortunately the majority of your trimming can be done in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a decent pair of shears and patience. When you figure out your best method, you can trim as often as you like.

Freshly trimmed ends, will allow your hair to tangle less. Trims also aid in limiting the spread of split ends. By stopping split ends and limiting tangles you retain length.

With that said, here are our 4 trimming methods:

This method of trimming your natural hair might be the easiest. This is how you do it; Twist your hair into small even sections. After all the hair is twisted, grab your shears and snip off any frizzy and tangled ends. Stretch each twist and snip any hairs that are sticking out along the twist. Simple!

This method involves trimming your hair after it’s freshly washed and stretched. Stretch and detangle your hair the night before using your best heat free stretching method like banding or African threading. Use a detangle brush to get that blow out look while banding or threading then allow your hair to dry.

When your hair is dry and working in small sections, detangle and pull the hair taut snipping off any uneven or split ends. If you want to retain length, be very careful with this method.

This method of trimming natural hair is not ideal because of the heat application that features greatly in this method. Yet if you happen to be a natural who wears their hair straight often, then this will benefit you.

After straightening your hair section your it off in medium sections with a comb and then smooth the ends of your hair between your fingers. Cut off any broken or see through ends.

This is not likely to work for those with super tight curls but if you have a looser curl pattern and long hair then this may be what you’re looking for.

On freshly washed and detangled hair, put all of your hair on top of your head pulling it to the front so that most of your hair is hanging over your forehead. Proceed to snip the very end of each clumped curl.

Keep in mind that your hair grows one fourth of an inch to half an inch per month depending on the person, see how hair growth rates differ in black people. Also the less manipulation you subject your hair to the less you may need to snip.

Making sure that you care for your hair properly between trims is crucial. The goal is to retain length. If you take care of the ends of your hair, you won’t have to remove a great deal of length each time you trim.

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