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The Best Way To Trim Curly Hair Without Losing Too Much Length | Elemo Hair

The Best Way To Trim Curly Hair Without Losing Too Much Length | Elemo Hair

Probably the most feared part of a great hair care regimen is trimming our hair, we all want to retain length so the thought that frequent trims actually encourages even more length retention is often difficult to believe.

As a result many of us opt to avoiding the process all together. Trimming is a very necessary evil and I can personally attest to the fact that having a pair of sharp barbers clippers next to my bed has been very beneficial to my hair. The rules of cutting curly hair are very different from that of straight or wavy hair.

Here are some tips for cutting curly hair.

Always cut curly hair dry –Curly hair tends to shrink when wet which can be misleading when trying to cut the hair and at the same time not cut too much of the length. Additionally, wet curly hair as it dries gets very frizzy especially without product. Dry hair will allow for better decision making on the shape you desire.

Tip 1: Trim hair before shampoo- Before a shampoo the hair is pretty stretched or in its most natural state. Again the purpose of this is to just make sure you are not trimming unnecessary length.

Tip 2: do a style that you like, for instance a twist out so that you can make decision on how you would like your hair shaped.

Trim Curls in small sections – It is always better to be meticulous when trimming curly hair, it is not recommended to cut huge chunks ignoring the pattern of each curl. We all know that ‘not all curls are created equal’, there are different textures and patterns that can be found all on one head which means that individual attention should be paid to each section. Tip: Cut hair when they are in two strand twists

Use a good pair of Scissors: Barbers clippers are the best, they are super sharp and can cut the hair at the best angle to prevent ‘frizzies’. The Barber’s clippers are easy to use because they cover more surface area, which makes it safer as well.

Trim knots and splits often – The ‘Search and destroy’ method involves going through sections of the hair looking for knots splits and anything that could cause an issue later. Set a small schedule in your mind to do it whether monthly or every 3 weeks or as needed, this really helps with minimizing knots.

For a Full Trim Cut ends all over – Even if you have short hairs trim them as well because they may have splits or knots that will get overlooked. Find a method that works for you to ensure that you keep on target with maintaining healthy curls

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