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Your Shortest Wash Day for Back to School | Elemo hair

by Winnie Vicky 09 Sep 2021 0 Comments
It’s time for school again. You’ll be focusing on your new classes and spending time on schoolwork. It’s normal that you will minimize time for things that you used to spend time on. You will watch less TV, spend less time with your friends, and potentially neglect your curls for a little while. But it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s easy to shorten your wash day in order to perform tasks in your daily routine. You can still provide your curls with tender love and care.
Pre-poo is essential in many curly regimens as a way to prevent dried out hair. This important step keeps your curls moisturized without allowing shampoo to strip the hair’s moisture. If you’re super busy, it’s best to pre-poo your hair the night before or morning of your wash day. Grab your favorite pre-poo and apply to your hair. Follow up with detangling your tresses. It’s best to detangle now since it will be easy to wash your hair (which means less time washing and more time hitting the books). Throw your hair into a bun or an easy updo style. Your hair is away from your face and your pre-poo can do it’s magic.

Shampooing your hair can be a long task, but the pre-poo can help shorten the process. Apply shampoo to scalp and hair and stroke the shampoo in a downward motion. This helps to prevent tangles, especially after the hard work you did earlier with tangling. Repeat as needed, however, I find that two shampoos usually do the trick. You don’t want to shampoo too long, especially with your crazy schedule.

Conditioning doesn’t have to be long and dreadful. You only need two tools: conditioner and your preferred detangling tool. It’s best to use a conditioner with lots of slip to make detangling a breeze. Detangle in sections and twist after conditioning to make your styling easier. Want to deep condition but you don’t have the time? Grab a beanie and throw it over your plastic cap. You can go to class or run your errands and still look stylish. No one will ever know. You’re deep conditioning your hair while checking off your to-do list. Rinse each section of your hair and quickly retwist. Are you in a rush? Leave your twists in and thoroughly rinse each section. Don’t forget to moisturize afterwards.
On a short wash day, it’s best to style your hair with something that your comfortable with. Moisturizing with your preferred method and style your hair. If you’re a busy curly, it may be best to protective style so you won’t have to worry so much about. Twists, braids, and Bantu knots are great options that can help you prep your hair for later in the week. It’s all about doing a style that you’re familiar in order to help you save time.

On your mark, get set, wash! The key to a short washday is prepping little by little to make the next step easier. These tips can shorten your wash day and help you spend extra time on your studies, friends, and yourself. How do you shorten your wash day in school?
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