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4 Ways I Make My 3c/4a Hair Regimen Winter-Friendly | Elemo Hair

4 Ways I Make My 3c/4a Hair Regimen Winter-Friendly | Elemo Hair

With temperatures dropping all over the United States, our curly crowns need protection when the weather wants to act up!

Finding products that work for me in the wintertime has always been a chore, but recently I started relying on some tried and true favorites to bring moisture, help with manageability, and to define my curly-coily texture.

I also have color-treated natural hair, so maintaining shine is important, because it also protects my ends. These are some of my personal favorite ways to keep type 3c to 4c hair moisturized during winter.

1. Butters all day, every day
I have 3c/4a natural hair that loves a good butter. Shea butter will always be a consistent winter favorite of mine because of its thick consistency and ability to deeply moisturize each hair strand, yet thin enough to spread with ease. Almond butter Is also a great contender as it promotes moisture retention and makes a great sealant. Almond butter has a texture that is similar to a whipped shea, and like shea, almond butter can be used all-around on your scalp, hair, and skin. If you have high porosity hair, one of these butters will be your go-to moisturizer this season.

2. Time for the oil switch-up
In a typical regimen, I would normally use a lightweight carrier oil since my scalp produces a ton of sebum. The wintertime is a completely different story though; my coarse strands cannot keep up with the harshness of below 40-degree temperatures. Avocado oil is a personal favorite of mine because it controls water loss in the hair while adding a ton of all-natural shine. Avocado oil is a monounsaturated fat that, when applied, strengthens and nourishes dry and damaged hair. Deep conditioning and hot oil treatments are saving graces during the wintertime also, so try this as a warm mask for your hair—it might just change your life!

3. Protect it with an accessory
Never one to shy away from a quick turban on top of my head, hair accessories and scarves are my saving grace during the winter months. Covering my curls after they have been sealed with the above butter-and-oil cocktail keeps my texture more manageable and moisturized, leaving me to worry about other things like keeping my body warm. I tend to stick with solid colors, but the possibilities are endless. There are also scarves and beanies lined with satin, so that you get double the protection without compromising personal aesthetic.

4. Keep the milky co-wash on deck
Winter is also the perfect time to try out all of those milky co-washes and at-home deep conditioners you have been wanting to use! Just remember to stay away from moisture-stripping sulfates and parabens, and increase your usage of your protective styles and satin pillowcases. You, too, will survive the most frigid of temperatures, and, of course, the springtime humidity will be here before we know it.

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