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6 Best Roller Set Hairstyles | Elemo Hair

6 Best Roller Set Hairstyles | Elemo Hair

You really need to experiment to know what type and size of roller sets will work for you best. As you do, remember these basic rules:

small diameter rods give you tight curls, the larger the diameter – the more relaxed the curl pattern is;
more rods equal more curls, so if you don’t get the expected result, try the same size rollers, but use more/fewer of them;
the shorter your hair, the smaller size of hair rollers you need, and vice versa;
don’t hesitate to use different size of rollers for one hairstyle – this will make your ‘do look more natural.
Now, let’s have a look at some stunning examples!

#1: Curly Afro
You don’t have to choose between afro and roller sets. Blown out perm rod set, or curly afro, has really grown in popularity, and it’s not hard to know why. Who doesn’t want more movement and less tangles in their hairstyle?

#2: Tight Afro Curls
You need to use the smallest size of rollers to achieve tight and kinky curls in your Afro. The look is very close to what you get with finger coiling your hair. If you don’t have enough length or density, you can also start with an afro wig.

#3: Curled Sisterlocks
The beauty of sisterlocks is that they act very much like your natural hair and can be nicely curled with a rod set. Here is a splendid example that it is well worth it.

#4: Curly Bangs
This roller set style is a great one to copy this summer. Not only can you make the color of the wig stand out, but it also allows you to rock trendy curly bangs for a while.

#5: Long Spiral Curlformers Look
Do not like all that twisting? Let curlformers do the job for you. Although curlformers are easy to use, mind that it will still be your task to brush, moisturize and section hair nicely.

#6: Perm Rod Set Corkscrew Curls
Want some bouncy uniform corkscrew coils in your hair? Use perm rods of the preferred size and do not separate the curls. Just as easy as that!

Natural hair has so many styling opportunities! Whether you prefer protective hairstyles or sassy blowouts, you’ll definitely gain from having rod sets in your arsenal.

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