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4 Tips For Maintaining Curly Clip Ins | Elemo Hair

4 Tips For Maintaining Curly Clip Ins | Elemo Hair

Stuck in that awkward hair length phase? Want to add a little volume to your hair? Want to play with a kinkier (or looser) hair texture?

Then you’re probably in the market for some curly clip ins. Curly clip ins are similar to natural hair textures, and they can be removed or installed at any time. But how do you get them to last? Keep reading for 4 tips to help you get the longest life out of your curly clip ins!

Wash weekly
Wearing curly clip ins means that we need to care for our extensions similar to how we care for our own hair. Clip ins* (especially those with kinkier textures) can start to look dry and dull if they haven’t been washed in a while. The hair can also become tangled, causing more breakage and an overall ratty look.
Set aside some time once a week to wash your clip ins. Put them in the sink, and use a cheap conditioner to work through the knots.

Detangle with a wide tooth comb
Like we said above, curly hair extensions can get extremely tangled, especially after extended use. Take a wide tooth comb and use it to gently remove tangles from the clip ins. It’s best to detangle the hair while it’s wet and full of conditioner. Just like your own hair, start from the ends and work your way up to the weft.

Air dry
Although many curly extensions are human hair, you don’t want to use unnecessary heat. Since the hair is already treated to mock our curls, applying heat over time will cause the clip ins to lose their curl patterns.
Instead, after washing your hair, gently squeeze out the extra water and lay the tracks out on a towel. Some people hang theirs up to dry. Whatever works for you.

Don’t apply too much product
As much as curly clip ins mock our own hair, they have been treated and need different attention. So don’t waste your $20 styler on trying to make your clip ins look a certain way. If you want to do a braid or twist out, apply product to your real hair and style the hair together.

Simply wash the extensions correctly, and afterwards it will be just as soft and shiny as you need it to be. With the right maintenance, they can last you for over a year, and they will continue to look realistic.

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