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Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair | Elemo hair

Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair | Elemo hair

Have you ever craved some cute curls? The kind of curls that last for days and just look better and better as the week progresses. There are a ton of tools on the market for curls, everything from rollers, to curlformers and flexi rods to perm rods.

Personally perm rods are my favorite but when you have longer hair, they don’t work as well as you would like. With that said, I would like to thank the inventor of the straw because straws my friends work just fine when your have long or short hair and you can get some awesome curls.
Here is why straws are great for curly sets:

1. They are cheap – You can pick up a pack of straws for about two dollars at any grocery store.

2. The curls last – If you want to ensure that the curls last, you can always use a little gel or some light hold creams but honestly the curls hold up really well because they are so tight from the straws. If you have fine hair use less holding products, so that your curls can remain light, fluffy and not weighed down.

3. Great for transitioners – This hair style is a great transitioning hairstyle because you can easily blend both textures and not have to touch your hair for at least five days (maybe seven if you sleep pretty).

Below is the YouTube account @MissSharz shows us how she achieves hers:
(Click the link to view details)
Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair Part 1
Achieve A Straw Set On Natural Hair Part 2
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