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How To Slay Wig With Natural Hair- Elemo Hair

How To Slay Wig With Natural Hair- ELEMO HAIR


1. Always cleanse and condition first
2. Use quality products – Don’t be cheap. If you are using human hair wigs use the same caliber of products you would on your own hair, specifically for curly hair.
3. Maintain a regular regimen similar to your own hair – basically, when you wash and deep condition your hair on Sundays you should also do the same to your wigs
4. Store properly when not in use – In other words, do not just toss it in a bathroom drawer.

Wig Care Method:

1. Do shampoo it before you start wearing it.
use a good conditioning wash and let it hang to dry. Once dry, feel free to flat iron, curl or style the hair as usual. Also remember to deep condition your human hair wig once a month to keep it lustrous, shiny and healthy.

2. Don’t skip out on wash day.
Even though no one will be able to see your real hair underneath the cap, it is still important to shampoo, condition and moisturize your hair as you normally would.

3. Don’t forget to take breaks.
Although wigs are convenient, they can make us forget to take care of our own hair. Take time between wearing your wigs to get regular trims and deep condition your hair. Take care of your hair under there otherwise you are defying the whole purpose of wearing a wig.

4. Don’t neglect your hairline.
Wig caps protect your hair under wigs and keep your hair flat so that the wig does not look bulky, but they can cause breakage or dryness along the hairline. To prevent damage to your edges, slide the stocking cap behind the ear. Moisturize your edges and if the wig has combs or clips, putting some oil on them can help. We suggest a lightweight option such as coconut or argan oil.

5. Avoid adhesives if possible.
If you have to use glue for a particular style, try to minimize how often you use it in order to prevent hair loss or breakage around the hairline.

6. Don’t use materials that cause scalp irritation.
If you have a sensitive scalp, you may want to stay away from wigs made with synthetic hair. Sensitivities to wig materials can cause excessive itching, burning, and scalp tenderness.

Wig Care Method

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